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QUARTER 1:2024

Welcome to Team Sweden in India!

As India gears up for a transformative year, Swedish companies are poised for plenty of opportunities. With elections on the horizon and a dynamic policy landscape evolving, India's economy is set to surpass US$5 trillion in GDP by 2027, making it the world's third-largest economy. Across sectors like services, manufacturing, education, healthcare, and IT, initiatives such as the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme offer strategic avenues for Swedish industries to thrive.

The partnership between India and Sweden is thriving, marked by numerous Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) across sectors like healthcare and sustainable aviation technology. With over 260 Swedish companies already making their mark in India, the deepening trade and investment relations signify India's role as a golden gateway for Swedish innovations.


Looking ahead, 2024 promises significant policy shifts, with elections influencing government agendas towards job creation and infrastructure enhancement. India's commitment to economic reform, exemplified by initiatives like Make in India, creates a favourable climate for global investment. Moreover, India's vibrant startup ecosystem offers opportunities for collaboration in research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As the 2024 elections approach, Swedish companies have a strategic opportunity to align their investments with India's evolving policies, particularly in sectors like defence reforms, sustainable energy transition, and healthcare and education initiatives. India's ambitious targets for decarbonization and renewable energy underscore its commitment to sustainability, resonating with Sweden's environmental ethos.

For Swedish companies, navigating India's evolving economic landscape requires a strategic approach to capitalize on the opportunities arising from India's growth trajectory and policy reforms.

This joint Team Sweden platform, a sort of digital newsletter, is dedicated to sharing insights, as well as fostering and facilitating Swedish business in India, underscoring the myriad opportunities that the Indian market presents. We represent a unified effort by the Embassy of Sweden in India, the Consulate General of Sweden in Mumbai, Business Sweden, and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in India.


On this webpage, you can expect news on policy developments, and upcoming events, and learn about success stories. We aim to inspire and facilitate engagement between Sweden and India.

"For a midsized, open, creative and innovative country like Sweden, India is an important partner in trade and business. We see great potential for cooperation, trade, and co-creation to increase and grow deeper. It is time for both India and Sweden!"

- Ambassador of Sweden to India, Jan Thesleff


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