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Welcome to the Board, Sujata!

Sujata Wuthoo, Managing Director Munters India Humidity Control, has taken her seat amongst the directors of the Board of Directors of the Chamber, and we are very proud of this.

Leading Munters India, Sujata Wuthoo, is making sure that the company delivers innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions to clients in industries where control of indoor humidity, temperature, and energy efficiency is crucial. During her mandate, the company acquired an Indian manufacturer to expand its dehumidification offering in the Indian market.

"The Chamber is providing an important platform for Swedish companies of all sectors and industries to connect & share experiences so that we can leverage each other’s strengths to grow long-term sustainable business in India.

As India is on its growth trajectory with a focus on clean energy & sustainability, core strengths of Swedish companies, I would like to, through the board, support the initiatives around these strengths that will help both Swedish and Indian companies."

Sujata Wuthoo, your presence is felt wherever you go.

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