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Sonepar India has secured a multi-million-dollar contract

Congratulations, Sonepar India, for securing a significant multi-million-dollar contract from Nippon Signaling for the Ahmedabad Metro Phase 2 project.


This project will be powered by the innovative Belden Inc. platform and will implement the cutting-edge VTS (Video Transmission System). The VTS ensures seamless onboard-to-wayside wireless connectivity. It facilitates video transmission from onboard cameras to the Operational Control Centre (OCC) and stations. Notably, this solution sets Ahmedabad Metro apart, allowing live video streams at both the OCC and stations.


The Phase 2 network of the Ahmedabad Metro project spans 29.7 kilometres, connecting Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, India. The journey begins at Motera Stadium and extends northward to Mahatma Mandir, serving key stations along the way.

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