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New member: Swift Lifts

Glad to share that SWIFT Home Lifts India has joined us as a member!

SWIFT is a Swedish home tech company presenting the world´s first battery-driven elevator lift for homes. With the industry's most economical operational costs, this innovation features a distinct drive system currently under patent review, alongside the Tesla-inspired EcoDrive technology which efficiently recharges the batteries during descent.

Crafted in Sweden and boasting CE certification, SWIFT's home elevators meet the most rigorous European standards for lift safety and performance.

At its core, the control system is empowered by Swedish Thor Engineering™, renowned as one of the globe's leading lift control technologies. SWIFT's mission is to transform home elevator lifts into an accessible and attractive feature for home design enthusiasts.

SWIFT is headquartered in Stockholm, and its local base is in Gurugram, led by Rafique U. Ahmed, Country Head.

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