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"I have emerged from the Task Force as a more informed, considerate and, most importantly, compassionate member of society…"



The Swedish Chamber of Commerce India runs national as well as international training programs on gensitivity. For the past three years 125 leaders from 34 Swedish companies in 11 countries in APAC and Oceania region have participated in this training.


Those who participate are challenged to create gensitive environments in their workplaces. They are exposed to the consequences of prevailing world views and systemic evils. They study global trends in family and workplace dynamics. They are invited to examine their cultural gender assumptions and presumptions; to deconstruct, unlearn, old paradigms, thereby to reconstruct new healthier paradigms.

The International Task Force brings leaders together from Swedish companies from a region. We are currently welcoming nominations from Asia Pacific and Oceania. The programme is conducted fully online and moderated skilfully by a senior trainer and gender expert. 


"… my participation in the International Task Force on Gender Sensitisation has been both professionally and personally transformational.  The course content works through issues in a conceptual and profound way, allowing me to understand the systems and behaviours that affect all parts of human society.

In each session, I learn new concepts and have the opportunity to reflect on my own experiences and leadership practices, as well as to learn from those of other senior leaders. My participation in the International Task force inspires me to work harder to contribute to greater equality and justice, both within my workplace and within society at large." 

Nadia Lilith, Executive Vice President, Head of Business Support Asia, Saab Singapore Pvt Ltd.

"Thought provoking program, which made me introspect, and come to the awareness that so much more needs to be done for inclusiveness. This session goes farther than other similar discussions and makes us delve into our own approach."

Chandan Singh, Country Managing Director Hitachi Energy Vietnam.

"I was fortunate to be selected to join the International Task Force on Gender Sensitisation in 2022. From the very first lesson, this course challenges the way you think and helps you to realize the importance of gender sensitisation and opens your eyes to behaviours and thought patterns within yourself that may be negatively impacting others.

The course requires you to open your mind and to look at yourself introspectively. You will meet amazing people from all over the world and discover we are all human, with the same worries, hopes, and dreams. You need to be willing to invest additional time to read, learn and research and I assure you, it is all worth it. You will become a better, more empathetic version of you. 

If you are someone passionate about the equality of all people, or if you know that you may have biases, this course is for you and your organisation. I look forward to using the new skills I am learning to effect positive change within my organisation, and I would highly recommend this course to everyone."

Brett John Lamond, Customer Experience Leader, IKEA India.

This year’s session runs between September 2024 until Jan 2025, with weekly seminars, discussions, individual and group assignments. Each seminar is 1.5 hours. The expected investment is six hours each month for teacher-led interactions, and another six hours for self-studies and group work.


This is an online programme, facilitated through the Zoom platform, and communication channels such as WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams. 

The graduation following the completion of the programme is held in hybrid format in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden in India. 

For us at Alleima, the overarching ambition for our Diversity and Inclusion work is that all our people can operate at their full potential, at the same time feel valued and welcomed for whoever they are.

Our participation in The Task Force on Gender Sensitisation by Kraftsamla, Swedish Chamber of Commerce India, has contributed to increasing gender sensitivity and creating awareness around the topic specially in our factory environment at Alleima. 

We see this training as a catalyst for organic change and development in this area and we will continue to actively engage our leaders and colleagues to participate in the program to enable our commitment towards D&I at Alleima and hopefully through this see change at community levels as well.

Sharath Satish, President - Business Unit Tube APAC at Alleima and Managing Director, Alleima India Pvt Ltd.  Alleima is participating both in Task Force India and the International Task Force

Companies in the Task Force so far:

ABB, Alfa Laval, Alleima (India, China, South Korea, Singapore), AQ Mechanical, Atlas Copco, Bluefish Pharmaceuticals, Dynapac, Epiroc, Ericsson, Fortum, Getinge, H&M Production, Hitachi Energy (India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia), Höganäs (India and China), IKEA (India and Bangladesh), Indiska, Medicover Hospital, Munters (Japan), Perstorp, Saab (India and Singapore), Sandvik Coromant, SECO Tools, SKF (India, Indonesia and Australia), Sonepar, Tapflo, Tetra Pak, Tietoevry, Trelleborg, Truecaller, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, Zacco.



Corporate leaders and managers are invited to participate, both men and women. Participation in all sessions is- if not mandatory- strongly recommended. The course builds up continuously and is interactive. 

Participant Fee:

USD 1,750 (taxes extra) 

For members in SCCI or other national Swedish Chamber.

USD 2,000 (taxes extra) 
For others.

Sept 2024 - Jan 2025

This is a fully online programme, hosted on the Zoom platform

Sign up & Questions:

Sara Larsson

Hear them speak:

Benefits to Company

Gender-sensitivity has proved to lead to stable company environments, more contented employees with fewer dropouts. It encourages a liberating, empowering and supportive environment which with its diversities of views and thoughts leads in turn to greater creativity and innovation. Diversity has also proved responsible for higher productivity. 

This course is part of the Kraftsamla programme by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce India. The purpose of Kraftsamla is to address gender issues constructively and creatively in society. We want to build a future where all are honoured, dignified, and respected.


The Embassy of Sweden in India and Consulate General in Mumbai are patrons of the programme.

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