Thank you for showing your interest to become a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce India. To apply, you can fill the form below and submit to us. We will process your application as quickly as possible so that you can take advantage of your membership benefits. Do get it in touch with us would have any questions regarding the application process or what it would mean to become a member of the Chamber.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is open to all Swedish companies operating in India including Joint Ventures and for other companies with strong ties to Sweden/Swedish Business Community. Individuals can also apply for membership under the same criteria. Please note that the application is subject to approval from the Board of SCCI.

It should be duly noted that all companies/organizations/individuals seeking membership should clearly do so with the intention of advancing the objectives of the Chamber, which is to promote development of trade, commerce and industry, and economic, social and cultural relations between Sweden and India not with the motive of profit. Therefore, a member’s aim to join the Chamber should not be marketing and selling of its products and services to the other Members of the Chamber.

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