Thursday, April 22, 2021

AbsorTech launches: ‘Absorpole’- the first carbon-neutral container desiccant made with recycled plastics and low CO₂ footprint calcium chloride.

The new Absorpole will replace the old one and it brings new features good for the Industry and for the environment:

Made with recycled plastics with -60% CO2 footprint than before and low carbon footprint calcium chloride.

- It is easy to separate and recycle.

- Absorpole has net zero carbon emissions from cradle-to-gate

- New Return-to-Reuse program for the collector and the calcium chloride brine.

- Helps minimise the carbon footprint of your company’s supply chain.

The absorbing agent is the same calcium chloride with high absorption capacity and the only visible change is that the traditional blue collector is now off-white.

For detailed information about this product, click here and here to know how AbsorTech is breaking new sustainable ground and their sustainable approach to the desiccant industry in many areas.

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